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Hi my name is Merryn Trevethan.  I am The Art Room’s Foreign Correspondent!  I am currently based in the hot and sweaty, cultural melting pot that is Singapore – but while in Melbourne, I choose to teach at The Art Room.

My practice is painting based but includes a large amount of drawing and spatial installations.  It would be fair to say that all of these aspects of my practice are strongly rooted in a love of colour!  I teach workshops that explore abstraction, colour mixing in Colour Mixmaster and of course, I also teach my Acrylic Adventures series of workshops using a massive range of GOLDEN Acrylic Paints, Gels, Pastes and mediums.  This series includes Image Transfer intensives, Mono-printing without a press, Textured Terrain, Getting a grip on Gels and Grounds and more.  I am a Certified GOLDEN Artist Educator- having undergone extensive training  with the Head of GOLDEN’s Working Artist Program- Patti Brady, in 2010.  I love the intense colours and modern pigments that GOLDEN Acrylics have and I love sharing in the experimentation which inevitably occurs when you put this incredible range of innovative materials in the hands of students.

While my work might appear fairly abstract it has a solid foundation in observational drawing.  This led me to develop my Exploring Abstraction classes.  It might seem unusual to be teaching abstraction via observational drawing but I have found this to be a fantastic hook on which to hang strategies that will help students to generate strong abstract works while incorporating fundamental elements of painting and drawing such as line, form, negative space, shape, and colour.  I love watching the students rise to the challenges set and to see the beginnings of their own abstract language emerge.

I enjoy that all my classes can benefit both beginners and the more experienced artist alike.  From helping students to see the world a little differently through my Exploring Abstraction classes to experimenting with innovative techniques and quality art materials that will help you create the type of artwork you want to make.  My classes aim to give others the tools, information and a little inspiration to continue on their path to finding and exploring their own visual language.


Merryn is returning to teach one last workshop for the year Exploring Abstraction Intensive which is on November 15th.  Places are limited and Merryn’s classes are always popular so BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.

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