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Exploring the Human Head

Exploring the Human Head

Begins Saturday 3rd August

Duration: 5 weeks

Erika Gofton

Hours: 1:30 – 4pm
Level: Beginners - experienced
Price: $432 TAR Members / $480 Non Member

EXPLORING THE HUMAN HEAD is a 5 week workshop designed for students working with the human head and portraiture, and for those wishing to gain more confidence in life drawing.

In this class you will explore the fundamentals that are necessary to understand the structure of the head, so you can draw and work with portraiture with more confidence.  We’ll celebrate our uniqueness through an understanding of the common structure of the skull and head, and learn effective strategies through demonstrations.

You’ll work through a variety of exercises to learn proportions, basic anatomy, creating volume, common mistakes, problem solving and how to achieve a likeness.  You will work from both photographic references and from life.

*Please note the final class concludes at 5pm

Pencil drawn portrait of a man's face
Pencil drawn portrait of a woman's face


Exploring the Human Head is suitable for: +

Beginners to experienced

Materials +

All materials are supplied
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