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Expanded Practice

Expanded Practice

Tuesday’s, Terms 1 – 4

Duration: 10 weeks

Erika Gofton and Filomena Coppola – Day session
Erika Gofton and Jennifer Whitten – Evening session

Hours: 9:30am - 3pm / 6 - 9:30pm

Expanded Practice is by application only, please contact us for an application form

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The overarching objective of EXPANDED PRACTICE is to nurture a multifaceted, autonomous artistic practice.

Both research-oriented and studio-based, it encourages the development of skills, curiosity and emphasises connectivity rather than creating in isolation.  This approach is highly individualised, focused on developing an individual’s work as a coherent whole.  Students are empowered to be self-reflective, disciplined, and self-critical, thereby eliminating the reliance on external assessment criteria as they take on the role of their own assessors.

Along with guidance and support from professional artists and their community, students engage in critiques and tasks designed to motivate and challenge them, which will encourage a sense of forward momentum and growth in their artistic path.  Although you can participate in Expanded Practice on a term-by-term basis, the program has been designed to build over a year-long arc.

In order to enhance and support students’ artistic goals, Expanded Practice includes full TAR Membership which gives students access to TAR resources, such as the library and online video content. With mentoring throughout the year, students will achieve the objective of an exhibition as the final outcome.


Expanded Practice is suitable for: +

Artists that are confident working independently & have intermediate experience

Materials +

Please bring your materials to class each week & we have general materials available in the studio.

Structure of the term +

8 weeks of the term is tutored, with the final 2 weeks studio access only.

Online resources & support +

You receive access to the private OS forum & TAR Membership with enrollment.

When does this class run? +

Currently on Tuesday's only, all year - every year!
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