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Painting 2

Painting 2

Begins Wednesday 15th May

Duration: 6 weeks
Hours: 12 - 3pm / 6:30 - 9:30pm
Location: Studio
Price: $486 TAR Member / $540 Non Member


Suitable for artists that have completed Painting 1 or experience painting tonally

– No class 5th June

PAINTING 2 is a 6 week course that builds upon the skills you’ve learned in Painting 1.

Glazing is one of those painting terms that is as familiar as it is mysterious to those who are new to the craft of painting – and as such, it has become a mythic and unnecessary source of intimidation for many.

Glazing simply means to use medium to build a painting by way of layers (also known as indirect painting), as opposed to painting alla prima (also known as direct painting), which is done “all in one go”.  In this short course you will develop a glazed painting from the ground up, with guidance from Jen and supported by online resources.

*It is strongly recommended that you have prior experience with colour theory and painting tonally before taking this course

Painting 2 is a short course focusing on glazing only.  If you’d like to learn about tonal painting, colour theory and mixing we recommend beginning with Painting 1.


Painting 2 is suitable for:
Artists that have experience with colour theory and painting tonally. It’s highly recommended that you take Painting 1 (P1) prior to Painting 2 (P2), even if you already have a painting practice. Jennifer has designed these two courses to be cohesive, not only through the curriculum but also the methods and terminology used. Feedback from previous students reflects how beneficial they found the continuity of taking P1 before P2.
Is Glazing necessary for oil painting?
A successful painting can be made without glazing at all, but this unique technique will literally make your paintings glow, enhance your colours, and allow you to build a painting slowly in layers.
Given the length of this course and the complexity of the process you can expect to work on your projects outside of class. There is guided class time for painting but glazing is a slow and intricate process. The pace at which you advance is up to you and the more you put into this course, the more you’ll get out of it!
If you’re unable to finish a project - that’s okay! The purpose of the projects you’ll do in this course is to teach you the skills and ideas first and foremost; finishing the projects is a boon. This short course is designed to set you up to keep exploring Glazing beyond the 6 weeks.
I purchased the Brush & Paint Starter Pack for Foundation Painting - will I need any other materials?
The Pack includes all the brushes and pigments you’ll need for P2, with the exception of Manganese black, a standard painting medium (such as Langridge Painting Medium) and solvent (such as Langridge Low-Toxic Solvent). There is also a list of extra materials that are used for cleanup and management. If you took Painting 1 you should already have all these materials, and if you didn’t the materials list will be sent to you prior to class.
Missed classes
If you miss a class it’s imperative that you read/watch the resources shared in the accompanying private forum that week, and come to the following class prepared.
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