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Drawing 1

Drawing 1

Begins Monday 15th July

Duration: 8 weeks

Juan Ford

Hours: 9:30am - 12:30pm / 6:30 - 9:30pm
Location: Studio
Price: $612 TAR Member / $680 Non Member

Suitable for complete beginners & artists returning to their practice

DRAWING 1 is an 8 week class tailored for individuals at all skill levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced artist seeking to revisit the fundamentals of drawing.

We begin by working in pencil, then progress to charcoal and other diverse drawing tools.  You will learn about essential drawing elements such as line, space, shape, texture, value, tone, shading, composition, and perspective.  By actively working through a series of practical exercises you will develop a solid understanding of how these elements interconnect and contribute to the overall drawing process.

Each session builds upon the knowledge gained in the previous classes, with a strong emphasis on approaching drawing with curiosity, developing observational and analytical skills, building confidence, and exploring materials. We’ll also be working from a life model in some of these sessions.

As a bonus, you have access to all 27 Modules of Foundation Drawing 1 – On Demand for the duration of the course, enabling you to re-visit concepts and further deepen your understanding at your own pace.

Drawing 1 aims to empower individuals to overcome any fears and resistance towards drawing, and not only embrace drawing as a vital part of your daily life but also cultivate a sense of inquisitiveness and exploration.

Our Foundation Drawing and Painting courses will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop a lifelong and autonomous practice.  The focus of these courses is not just developing your technical skills, but also expanding your visual literacy and critical thinking.

Women drawing in black and white on easels


Drawing 1 is suitable for:
Complete beginners & artists returning to their practice
All materials are supplied, just bring yourself!
Online resources & support
This course includes online support with access to Foundation Drawing 1 – On Demand for the duration of the term. Plus a private forum called Slack where Juan shares class resources and you can share your works in progress. You'll receive email invites to access these prior to the start of class.
When does this course run?
In Terms 1 & 3, with Drawing 2 following in Terms 2 & 4.
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