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Painting 1

Painting 1

Returns in Term 1 2025

Duration: 12 weeks
Hours: 12 – 3pm / 6:30 - 9:30pm
Level: Beginners & artists returning to their practice



PAINTING 1 is an intensive and content-rich program, blending a robust mix of theoretical principles and practical applications.

Jennifer Whitten teaches every student with the belief that they aspire to be artists, seeking the knowledge and information essential for establishing a sustained and enduring artistic practice.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist seeking to elevate your practice or a beginner taking your first strokes, our Painting 1 course equips you with a strong technical base.  The initial focus on black and white explores essential elements like form, value, and observational skills, while the second half delves into the intricacies of color theory and mixing.

Using oil as the exclusive medium, the course fosters diverse approaches from life painting to art history exploration. Balancing creativity with technical mastery, our supportive environment ensures you gain the confidence to execute your ideas independently.  The ultimate aim?  Empowering you for a self-driven painting journey.




Painting 1 is suitable for: +

Beginners & students of all levels wishing to improve their painting abilities. Painting 1 is a treasure trove of practical tips, good habits and motivational ways to expand your practice, whatever your initial skill level.

When does this course run? +

This course runs in Terms 1 and 3 only, with Painting 2 following in Terms 2 and 4.

What materials are required? +

The Brush & Paint Starter Pack includes all the art materials you’ll need for this course, and beyond. It includes a carefully selected array of brushes, specific oil paints designed to correlate with Colour Theory, palette knife, paint scraper and visual diary in a TAR Tote.

Materials provided: +

2x canvases, canvas paper, solvent, clove oil, graphite paper, compostable cling wrap, rags. * There are a number of materials needed for clean up and management. While general materials are provided, students find it convenient to have their own - both to expedite clean up at the end of class and manage working at home. An itemised materials list will be sent to you upon booking.

Homework +

None of the work outside of class is mandatory but there is an expectation that you will take responsibility for and develop autonomy in your own practice. The more you put into the experience of this course, the more you will gain from it; the pace at which you progress is entirely up to you.


Jennifer has developed extra exercises because they help cement/expand what you learned in class that week. Plus, painting at home is a different experience to being in class. Working in class offers direct access to guidance and the energy and enthusiasm of your classmates, while working from home often provides a space for quiet focus and an opportunity to synthesise information on your own. Both approaches are important!

Projects +

If you’re unable to finish a project - that’s okay! The purpose of the projects within this course are to teach you the skills and ideas first and foremost; finishing the projects is a boon. If you haven’t completed a project in time you can take it home with you and finish it outside of class, Jennifer will teach you how to set up your space to do so.

Mediums +

We only touch on mediums briefly in this course. Because of the complexity and scope of the topic there is a separate course Painting 2 - which covers this aspect of oil painting in depth. Painting 1 was designed to segue perfectly into Painting 2, so taking this course will prepare you to get the most out of Painting 2.

Storage & Transfer +

You will have your own cubby for the duration of the course that can fit one painting; so at the conclusion of a project, you’ll need to take your painting home to make space for the next one. If you also decide to work at home you’ll need to transport your canvas (a pizza box is the perfect size), and for transporting materials you can use everything from the TAR Tote to tackle boxes, easel boxes to cases on wheels.

Missed Class +

If you miss a class it’s imperative that you read/watch the resources shared in the accompanying private forum that week, and come to the following class prepared.
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