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Eva Hesse

‘I should like to achieve free, spontaneous painting delineating a powerful, strong structured image. One must be possible with the other. A difficult problem in itself, but one which I shall achieve.’ Eva Hesse

Acrylic Adventures returns!

Unlock the potential of acrylic painting in ACRYLIC ADVENTURES - a one day intensive with Certified GOLDEN Artist Educator Merryn Trevethan! You will explore a wide range of innovative new Acrylic painting techniques that incorporate a wide range of GOLDEN…

Does it make you.

DOES IT MAKE YOU is a live and interactive performance piece by Ilona Nelson which opens this Friday 1st February 5:30-7:30pm! You are invited to speak with Ilona privately and share your experiences of chasing happiness, and failures, and in…


“In front of paint brushes and canvas, my hands react to them and make my work before I think of anything. Then, when the piece is completed, I look at it, and am surprised by the result—always.” There is a…

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