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Open Studio – Ceramics

Open Studio – Ceramics

Tuesday – Begins 16th July
Saturday – Begins 20th July

Duration: 8 weeks

Kate Jones

Hours: Tuesday 6:30 - 9:30pm / Saturday 10am - 1pm
Location: Studio
Price: $594 TAR Member / $660 Non Member

OPEN STUDIO – CERAMICS is an ongoing term class with Kate Jones.

This class is designed for students who have learned foundational ceramic skills and are ready to progress. Here, you’ll deepen your confidence in ceramics while exploring your unique artistic style under Kate’s expert guidance.

In Open Studio, you’ll not only refine your technical skills but also delve into the rich history and explore contemporary directions. This class offers a flexible pace, making it perfect for early-stage artists or those seeking to rekindle their creative spark. It’s all about nurturing your individual artistic voice and integrating your work into a broader artistic practice.

Open Studio provides a supportive environment for your ideas to flourish, and encourages the development of good creative habits like maintaining a visual diary. It’s particularly beneficial for recent graduates, artists seeking to reignite their artistic journey and connecting to community in the studio.

Introducing Kate Jones – watch this Teacher Feature


What materials are included?
All Recycled clay is free to use. We have a selection of other clay available to purchase through our shop. Firing free for first 2.5kg thereafter is $12 per kg
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