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12 – 13 October

Duration: 2 days

Jennifer Whitten with support from Erika Gofton

Hours: 10am – 4pm
Level: Beginners - experienced
Price: $432 TAR Member / $480 Non Member

Do you lack confidence in seeing a colour and knowing how to mix it?  Or mix a colour and have no clue how you did it (and couldn’t repeat it if you tried!)?

Join Jennifer Whitten for COLOURMIXING, a two day intensive that offers practical, effective and repeatable strategies for confidently working with colour, whether you use oil paint, watercolor, ink, acrylic, or pastel.

This comprehensive workshop will transform how you perceive colour and colour blending, encouraging you to embrace and appreciate colour mixing instead of avoiding it.

You will learn about the geography of the colourwheel and how it is the cornerstone of all colourmixing.  But it won’t just be theory, as you will work through a series of unique and fun exercises over the two days to put the theory into practice.

A class handbook with exercises to continue at home will be provided. Materials will be supplied but students are encouraged to bring in their own paints so they can understand them better in the context of the class.


Confidence in Colourmixing is suitable for: +

Beginners to experienced

Materials: +

All paints will be provided but please bring any paints you own, and any of your own brushes


Optional: Apron / Gloves
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