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We are proud to present PUSHING THE LINE a unique artistic opportunity for artists and art students looking to challenge their practice!

This challenging and dynamic experience will be taught by five diverse and exciting artists, and will inspire, stimulate and challenge you!  It is an opportunity for you to step into the unknown, work with a variety of mediums, try new approaches and take a risk in your practice.  Each tutor has designed their own one day workshop, creating a very unique and engaging experience every day.  The sessions will allow you to experiment with unconventional approaches to mark making and creating, and the intensive is run over five consecutive days allowing for concentrated focus and development.

This is not a beginners class and therefore it is expected that participants will have a level of confidence in their own practice.  The objective of this intensive is not to come away with a perfect finished artwork to hang on the wall, but rather a new set of experiences and processes to inform your work in the future.

INK AND THE BODY with Jacqui Stockdale
This workshop will be about becoming an expert at rendering the human form in its entirety.  By learning new ways of looking at the body you will become confident in your ability to capture a pose in just a few minutes using ink, water and a brush.

This workshop also encourages those who like to make travel drawings or draw people while on public transport as it helps you work quickly while seeing the overall shapes.

Mirror mirror on the wall, how do I grow so big when I seem so small?  Is it by starting with less and ending with more?  And, shall I stand at the easel or draw on the floor?

LINE DANCING with Godwin Bradbeer
In this session you will produce a suite of drawings that engage the visual subject with spontaneity and sophistication. The workshop is designed to establish expressive confidence in conjunction with an analytical comprehension of the way in which line can articulate form, space and ideas with precision.

We’ll work with a variety of mediums and with a model, and through surprisingly simple strategies the session will encourage incorporation of the figure within an articulated spatial field (interior or exterior). Godwin will make in situ demonstrations of adaptations of line to human physiology, to complex spatial contexts, simplified perspectives and to the making of images that with even a playful simplicity acheive a sense of visual accomplishment.

References to traditional and contemporary art practitioners will be made within related genres of practice, such as Paul Klee’s remark about ‘taking a line for a walk’.

THE GROTTO with Juan Ford
Grottos have long been considered portals to the underground; dark locations natural and artificial that have inspired the imaginations of creative types for millennia.  In this class we will create models of these grottos, then work/rub back from black charcoal on paper to generate them at a large scale.

Expect to get absolutely filthy with charcoal with this class!  The aim is to really let go, and lose yourself in the process.  I want you all looking like resurfacing coal miners by the end of the day, bearing visions of the depths you’ve plumbed.

This workshop will focus on the rendering of illusionist space using colour.  Experiments on paper in small scale using any coloured medium, including collage, will begin the process.  A variety of compositional structures based on single and multi-point perspective together with aspects of colour theory, for example use of colour temperature, distribution and relative quantities of each applied colour will form the basis of this experimentation.

Elaborating and refining one or two of the small experimental works will lead to the creation of a resolved work that manifests the ideas on which it is premised.  One work by each artist will be ‘installed’ in a trial group exhibition in consultation with Wilma, and this will be followed by a discussion on the spatial effects created by each work.

20 – 24 January 2020
5 days
10am – 4pm
$975 / $925 Concession

2 X installments

– Book by paying a 50% deposit, with the balance processed 6th January
– If you are a student or concession card holder apply the coupon code ‘PTL’ to receive $50 off

4 X installments
– Purchase an installment package HERE / Or a Concession installment package HERE
– You will receive an email with a coupon code
– Book into Pushing The Line and apply the code

– Materials list available soon
– Your lunch, we have a fridge, microwave and sandwich press available and there are cafes nearby

– General materials
– Tea, coffee machine, morning and afternoon tea
– Lunch is provided for the Friday session

Abstract Thinking workshop with artist Wilma Tabacco at The Art Room
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