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Open Studio

Open Studio

Begins Saturday 20th July

Duration: 8 weeks
Hours: 10am - 1pm
Location: Studio
Price: $594 TAR Member / $660 Non Member

OPEN STUDIO provides a supportive environment where you can nurture new ideas and explore your arts practice within a broader context. You’ll develop essential creative habits like maintaining a visual diary while setting your own pace.

This class is perfect for emerging artists or those reestablishing their practice, offering flexibility and guidance without the pressure of showing your work publicly. It’s an excellent fit for students who have completed our Foundational courses and are seeking further mentorship before diving into our more structured Expanded Practice program.

Join us if you’re looking to find direction, connect with fellow artists, and refine your unique voice in a supportive setting.

Not sure if Open Studio or Expanded Practice is suitable for you?
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Open Studio is suitable for:
Students that have completed our Foundational courses, early-stage artists or those looking to reestablish their artistic practice
Please bring your visual diary and materials you're working with each week
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