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Hello everyone, for those I’ve not met I’m Celeste and I’m a painter.  Now I’ve got that off my chest I’d like to tell you something about what I teach and why.

At The Art Room I teach the Foundation Painting classes and workshops on Painting the Human Head in oils.  I teach from my own practice as an artist and I aim to pass on the things that I would like to have learned in the beginning. In my classes I cover the basic building blocks of painting and how painting communicates what we see or experience in the world.  This is not because I want everyone to paint in a traditional manner or necessarily in a realistic manner, rather I think that painting is a language and before you can speak eloquently in a new language you need to get familiar with the basic elements – tone form, color, composition – and the materials – canvas, paper paint, brushes and mediums.

After 20 years I am still totally enthralled by paint and I love watching students be seduced by its potential to transform from inert blobs of color into light, space and form.

In my classes I aim to help you on the path to find the best artist you are by providing practical skills, guidance and information as well as some insights into how artists look at and think about painting.




Term 4 of FOUNDATION PAINTING with award winning artist Celeste Chandler begins tomorrow!  Places are limited, all the details and to book click HERE.

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