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Today is World Mental Health Day.

The Show Must Go On by Ben Steel is currently showing on ABC  and it’s about mental health issues within the Australian entertainment industry. Watching this we were struck by the parallels to the Visual arts industry, and hearing actor and educator Margot Fenley talk about the role of education in the mental health of artists was profound and of particular interest to us.

She spoke passionately about how that instead of educating artists by ‘breaking’ them, a better way is to educate artists in a holistic and positive mindset whilst still being critical. We completely agree and this is at the heart of our philosophy at The Art Room.

We want to support our students to make the best work they can within a culture that believes development comes from an environment that is respectful, generous and nurturing.

Please watch this film. It’s such an important conversation that needs to continue so that positive changes can be made. We want a vibrant, positive supportive arts industry not a broken one.

The snippet of Margot Fenley HERE

Watch the full program HERE

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