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Hi there for those of you who haven’t met me I’m Erika, and along with being the Director of the Art Room I also teach the Foundation Drawing classes every term, the Life Drawing Course, the Open Studio classes and various workshops throughout the year.

Although my studio practice is predominately painting I am passionate about drawing and drawing education, and truly believe everyone can draw.  In 2013 I undertook the Drawing Marathon at The New York Studio School in New York whilst on a residency in Brooklyn.  I also met with drawing educators from London Drawing and The Campaign for Drawing in London to research and experience different programs that I could bring back to The Art Room.

Along with the studio focused teaching in the Open Studio classes I am also able to offer support with arts practice in a professional context having experience in all manners of exhibiting from Artist Run Spaces right through to commercial representation in three states.  I can assist with writing CV’s, exhibition proposals, artist statements, and preparing for an exhibition.  I really want empower the artist to take charge of their own career and practice, and want to support for those who leave art school and are not sure what to do next.

Alongside my work at The Art Room I also maintain a current studio practice. I am predominately a painter and I am interested in making works that sit somewhat precariously between the beautiful and the ugly, that speak of sensitivity, anxiety, fragility and fear.  I am interested in the liminal space that we inhabit, and the power of the image to embody the heightened internal fear of being so close yet distant in the same breath.  The work has become a way to confront the discomfort both through the image and the process.  It has become the nadir, the point of letting go. to see more of my work head over to 

I hope to meet you soon.




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