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online art resources we love: part 1
There are so many online art resources out there it’s hard to know where to start but here are a few of our teachers favourites.. For those times when you just want to watch something arty and be inspired!

TWO COATS OF PAINT Two Coats of Paint is an NYC-based art project, Blogazine about all things painting.

ART 21 Based on the PBS Series of the same name and presenting thought-provoking and sophisticated docos about contemporary art- straight from the artists of our time.

ART DOT TV For an Australian perspective try Art Dot TV. Featuring Australian Artists interviewed by presenter Dagmar Cyrulla. Dagmar herself is a painter which provides for some insightful conversations.

GOLDEN ARTIST COLORS VIDEOS You Tube channel.  From the team at GOLDEN comes a channel full of everything innovative in acrylic techniques, exciting new monoprinting techniques, QoR Watercolors, Williamsburg Oils, how to attach Watercolour paper to board and even info about applying varnish.

PAINTERS TALKING PAINTING@brushesandpigemnts A Facebook group with conversations about painting and links to interesting articles about painting.

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