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Charlotte Watson’s drawing and sculptures are dark voids, teetering between terror and awe.

Since practicing in Melbourne, Watson’s primary method of working has been in non-objective drawing, highlighting abstraction as a language for the internal and unspeakable. Monochromatic materials, chosen for their sublime but historical qualities, draw the viewer into a space that is seductive but psychologically charged; where distorted geographies and obscured landscapes stand in for the unconscious and its volatile role in informing narratives of the self.

Graduating from the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand) in 2011 with a BFA in Sculpture, Watson is now based in Melbourne, Australia.  See more of her work at

Charlotte is also an art administrator plus the curator and gallery manager at Tinning Street in Brunswick.  We’re thrilled to have Charlotte host WRITING EFFECTIVE PROPOSALS this Saturday 1-3pm!  For all the details and to book click HERE.

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