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We’re very excited to be speaking with artist SAM LEACH for our tête-à-tête series!

Sam Leach’s paintings and installations draw on the history of visual representations of science and are informed by art history and philosophy.  In this session Sam will talk about his recent work using machine learning to develop new compositions for paintings. The development of artificial intelligence algorithms in the last few years has opened new possibilities for creating synthetic images based on historical and archival pictures.  Sam has trained an algorithm on his own previous paintings as well as the source imagery that has informed his work in order to predict the trajectory of his own practice and to uncover new aesthetic connections suggested by the machine.

Sam will also talk about the foundation and development of Notfair as a platform for bringing audiences to artists who the Notfair team considers to be under-represented whether they are emerging, mid or late career.

Saturday 14th November 1-2pm AEST

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