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Art is, unfortunately, not an environmentally friendly profession! Please help us reduce our waste at the studio and use our new bins, we can recycle:

– PENS, pencils, textas and pen lids
– COMPOST for all your food scraps, coffee and tea bags
– MIXED RECYCLING for paper, plastic marked with the correct symbol, glass, drinks bottles with lids removed, aluminum cans, foil scrunched into a ball, coffee cup lids
– SOFT PLASTICS for cling wrap, bubble wrap, food wrappers, biscuit trays (these can be recycled at your local supermarket too)
– LANDFILL is only for broken glass or crockery, sticky tape, foam core, coffee cups, hard plastic without a recycling symbol, polystyrene

Please note that only takeaway coffee lids can be recycled, the cups go in landfill because of the wax coating. Sadly not all of our waste is recycled in Australia even when we separate it properly! We encourage reusable containers for food, drinks, and art supplies, washable straws, reusing rubber bands and you could use Sarah Wilson‘s simple coffee cup idea – a jar and rubber bands!

Please send us your tips on how to reduce the impact of an arts practice on the environment, we’re always looking for ideas

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