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Thank you so much to everyone who came along yesterday for both the life drawing in the morning and the launch party in the afternoon. It was so much better than I could have imagined!!!

I just wanted to publicly thank so many people who were responsible in making the new art room happen. Firstly to the art room crew Celeste Chandler, Ilona Nelson, Merryn Trevethan, Abby Storey, Nicholas Bruce Plowman, Filomena Coppola, Godwin Bradbeer and Jade Kellett.

It is such an honor to work with you all.

Celeste and Ilona thank you so much for your ears, shoulders and limbs 🙂

To wonderful past teachers who also generously contributed to the Pozible campaign by donating their images for prints Prudence Flint, Stefan Gevers, Elizabeth Barnett and Sharon Billinge

Thank you so much for everyone who pledged to the campaign.

Thank you to our business sponsors St. Luke Artist Colourmen, Langridge Artist Colours, Sedonia Seddon, Atelier Art Supplies, Art Almanac, Aware Health – Remedial Massage, Myotherapy & Clinical Pilates, Key Property Negotiators, Little Creatures Collective, Vesna, Maks, Edison Light Globes, Paper Empire Australia and MV Painting and Decorating.

Also a huge thank you to James Marks for all of your generosity and hard work getting the space transformed.

Thanks to Dimi Simeonidis for helping to make the garden beautiful. Jonathan McKinlay for your help 😉

To my beautiful family, sister and brother Hel Gofton, Lee Soogun and Mum and Dad, Ian Gofton and my other sister, Linda Jackson xxx, Cameron Brown and Natalie Brown.

To Rare Child for the awesome performance, I hope your own launch was fantastic!

Importantly, to the students of The Art Room, this has been for you. You have made us want to make this studio, and what we offer, the best we possibly can.

And finally, to all the best friends in the world! Gerrard Marshall and Hugo Marshall I couldn’t have done any of this without you both. Love you to the moon and back xxx

ok, Oscars speech over 🙂 thank you
xxx Erika

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