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Our final WHAT I WISH I LEARNED AT ART SCHOOL workshop is CONVERSATIONS AND QUESTIONS FOR YOUR PRACTICE! We’re very lucky to have Maria join us while she’s briefly in Melbourne.

Hannah Bertram (Aus) and Maria Chávez (US/Peru) met at the Merce Cunningham studio in New York in 2009. Drawn together by the creative question “How do we share our ephemeral art practice?” they did not know at the time that their magnetism towards each other would unfold into an ongoing conversation about gender, power, creativity, survival, failure, love and solidarity. Now they find themselves in Melbourne at the same time, with a moment to spare, a longing to give, share and receive.

The two artists will ask each other big difficult questions such as: What excellent advice do you give other artists but don’t completely follow yourself and why? Is this what you thought it would be like? Do you think you are doing enough?

The audience will be invited to share when we turn our questions to you and you turn your questions to us. This is a deep dive into the practical, philosophical, personal and fragile state of being artists.

The workshop is on this Saturday 1-3pm, book your seat HERE.

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