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New Pastels workshop

Artwork By Filomena Coppola

We're excited to have Filomena Coppola return with a new PASTELS INTENSIVE workshop! Join us for this 4 week workshop and learn about the different brands of pastels, how to work with them to achieve the outcome that you require,…

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Foundation Drawing 2

From developing a strong foundational understanding in Foundation 1, FOUNDATION DRAWING 2 will allow you to develop your individual drawing practice further. You will examine the perceptual and conceptual within the drawing language, and explore new directions by working through…

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24 Hour workshop returns!

The 24 HOUR ENDURANCE DRAWING PROJECT is an event in which artists of all disciplines start and finish a work of art (not limited to drawing) in a continuous 24 hour period.  It involves intensive effort, and attention to process,…

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Last places for Drypoint printmaking

Drypoint is one of the most versatile print mediums where you create your image directly onto the plate.  Intaglio refers to the printmaking process of making incisions or indents in a plate, ink is applied then wiped off, and the…

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Reflecting on Practice

Our WHAT I WISH I LEARNED AT ART SCHOOL workshop series draws on the talents and expertise of various professionals. Our next session is REFLECTING ON PRACTICE with Yvette Grant. How we think about our practice changes it, and often…

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