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FOUNDATION PAINTING is a 12 week course is suitable for beginners or artists returning to their practice.  You will learn fundamental skills to effectively shape your process and build your confidence – whether you’re interested in taking your existing painting practice to the next level or putting brush to canvas for the first time!  Even seasoned masters encounter struggle, but with the strong technical foundation this demystifying course has to offer, you’ll be well equipped to navigate the challenging but rewarding art form of Painting.

For the first half of the course, you will work solely in black and white in order to focus on the essential elements of Painting, such as form, value, paint-handling, blending, mark-making and observational skills. Building on the material introduced in the first half, the second half of the course has been designed to focus intensively on colour- specifically, on Colour Theory and colour mixing.

Throughout, you will have the opportunity to develop various painting approaches, including from life and from quality reference photographs; along the way, you can expect to broaden your knowledge of art history and develop your individual aesthetics and concepts. The course will exclusively use oil as a painting medium; due to its versatility and forgiving nature, it is the best choice to acquire the broadest array of skills, which can then be applied universally to other painting media.

While encouraging creativity, the focus of Foundation Painting is the core teachings of technical painting.  A rigorous but supportive learning environment will leave you with the confidence and facility to successfully execute your ideas in paint.  The ultimate goal of the course is to provide you with the skills and confidence to maintain an autonomous and self-motivated painting practice.

Term 1 begins 23rd February 2022
12 weeks*
12 – 3pm / 6:30 – 9:30pm
Tutor: Jennifer Whitten
Location: Studio
$720 / $680 Concession

Email us to go on the wait list

Beginners and artists returning to their practice

– Paintbrushes, paint, and visual diary (see below)

Brush and Paint Starter Pack with 8 tubes of Langridge paints, 7 brushes in a variety of sizes, a palette knife, a visual journal and TAR tote bag

– General art materials
– Online resources

– A pad of canvas/oil paper A4 or A3
– A couple of empty jars with lids
– 2 x lids from jars
– Apron, rags, gloves (recycled at the studio)

– This class only runs in Term 1 and 3, with Grisaille to Glazing following in Terms 2 and 4
– If you have booked by paying a deposit the balance will be processed 9th February
– There is no class 13th and 20th April (school holidays)

Our Foundation Drawing and Painting courses will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop a lifelong and autonomous practice. The focus of these courses is not just on developing your technical skills but also expanding your visual literacy and critical thinking.

We encourage and support our students to make the best work they can, by working hard and building discipline you create long term skills that transcend the duration of the course. All of our teachers are professional artists who generously share their experience and knowledge. You will be exposed to a diverse range of artistic practice, both historical and contemporary, allowing you to explore your own visual motivation and experience of art.

Jennifer Whitten is an American artist and immigrated to Melbourne in 2009.  At the start of her career her fastidious and highly skilled manner of working seemed well suited for medical illustration, but she quickly abandoned medical studies in pursuit of her own artistic investigations.

For years, her photorealistic paintings have navigated the aestheticisation of absence and autobiographical nostalgia; and most recently, after an encounter in Italy with a collection of 18th century reverse-glass paintings, she determined that glass would serve as an ideal conduit of these themes.  Oil, reverse-glass and representational painting have lengthy histories, but Jennifer’s edgy recontextualisation of these methods upends any hint of the conventional.  Incorporating everything from steel, to video, to live music, her complex installations defy the traditional 2D confines set for painting, but preserve its seduction and sincerity.

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