About The Art Room

The Art Room is a place to come to fall in love with the creative process. For guidance and development, conversation and connection, to encourage you to think and see differently, to develop friendships, to build your confidence, to be challenged, to inspire, to make you want to take risks and above all to be supported in your artistic journey. The Art Room is YOUR studio! With lots of lovely natural light and loads of space to spread out in, the Art Room is a wonderfully inspiring space to create and learn in.

Art Education has in recent times moved away from teaching the skills to making a successful image and has become much more about the concept behind that, it has become about why but not how. The Art Room aims to unite the two to elevate and celebrate image making. The mind meets the mark. The idea meets the process. The Art Room values image making and all its complexities and subtleties. It is a place to learn how to make a strong image, how to use materials but also how to think critically and to challenge how you approach your work. The Art Room is both an alternative and support to current art education institutions and provides students from beginners to advanced with the opportunity to learn from teachers that are well respected, experienced professional artists that are also generous and passionate teachers who will support you through your journey.

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Beginning students who come to The Art Room generally start in the Foundation classes to develop their confidence in working with the materials, the elements of good image making and understanding and developing their visual language. From there they progress into the more self directed open studio class. The Open Studio class is perfect for more experienced artists wishing to connect and engage with other artists, and break the isolation of working in their studio and for those that have perhaps not made work for some time . It provides a great opportunity for those who may need some direction and feedback with their work not just from the tutor but also the other students in the class.

It is a place to come and learn, but also to come and connect with like minded people.  The Art Room has been designed with the intention to transform into an exhibition and project space when it’s not being used as a classroom.  During these times the space is known as The Work Room and is available for hire.

So have a look around the website, see all the fantastic things The Art Room has to offer and join our mailing list to be informed of our exciting new classes and workshops.

We hope to see you soon!

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