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Exploring the Human Head intensive

Our EXPLORING THE HUMAN HEAD intensive returns in June and places are filling fast!

In this 3 day intensive workshop students will develop their understanding and confidence and learn strategies in working with the human head/portraiture. You will explore the fundamentals necessary to understand the structure of the head so that you can work with more confidence from both life and photographs.

It begins June 26th, for all the details and to book CLICK HERE.

Social media and marketing for artists

The next workshop in our WHAT I WISH I LEARNED AT ART SCHOOL series is SOCIAL MEDIA & MARKETING with Ilona Nelson!

Ilona’s work has been featured in The Age, frankie magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, art magazines, local newspapers and various online publications.  Come along and learn how to market your exhibitions, how to approach the media and how to use social media to your advantage as an artist.  Plus at the end we’ll do an instagram tutorial to explain the features and what they’re used for.

It’s on Saturday 12th May, for all the details and to book CLICK HERE.

The Life Drawing Experiment returns!

THE LIFE DRAWING EXPERIMENT with artist Nic Plowman returns in June!

Come along to this fun 6 week course and broaden your conversation with drawing by pushing your knowledge and skills to include experimentation and play.  It begins June 7th, for all the details and to book CLICK HERE.

Life Drawing this week

Detail of a beautiful drawing by Kathy!

This week we have two CASUAL LIFE DRAWING SESSIONS, please note that the Saturday session is filling fast!

They’re on Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm and Saturday 10am-12pm, for all the details and to book CLICK HERE.

Last places!

OPEN STUDIO – 2 places left
12:30 – 3pm session, begins 17th April

Sunday 22nd April

29th April and 6th May

Erika’s Masterclass with Linden

The Art Room’s Erika Gofton is hosting a Drawing Masterclass with Linden New Art this Saturday 10:30 – 1:30pm!  Erika will lead you to use the language of drawing as a way to not only see, but to also understand personal objects that are precious to you.

Ways of Seeing takes inspiration from the exhibition Genaivisheh Shtiklech (Tricky Pieces) by Melbourne-based artist Nicole Newman. Aspects of Newman’s personal history often appear in her artworks, such as Untitled 11 (2015, pictured) which carries the Yiddish phrase “A sach mentshen zehen, nor vainik fun zai farshtaien” which means ‘many people see, but only a few understand’. This phrase represents the priority Newman gives to creativity in further knowing oneself, and in understanding the world around us.

For all the details and to book CLICK HERE.

Our first printmaking workshop!

We can’t wait for our first printmaking workshop with our new press!
MONOTYPE AND THE FIGURE is a one day intensive where you’ll spend the morning focusing on the technical and practical aspects of mono printing. After lunch we will then put it all into practice by making a series of prints working with a life model.
It’s going to be a wonderful day! It’s on Sunday 22nd April, places are limited, for all the details and to book CLICK HERE.
Pictured: Untitled (Sweater) by Eric Fischl