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Reflecting on Practice

We’re really excited for our WHAT I WISH I LEARNED AT ART SCHOOL workshop in June with Yvette Grant – REFLECTING ON PRACTICE.
How we think about our practice changes it and often our reflection on practice can be intuitive, instinctual or automatic. In order to deepen this reflection, we can use tools to push dead-ends, reveal what’s underneath and question the habitual.
Yvette Grant is the current skills adviser in The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, at The University of Melbourne. In this session, she will take you through two methods of reflecting on practice: firstly, reflecting through writing using the approaches of Jenny Moon; and secondly, reflecting through the practice of a philosopher’s walk.
It’s on June 9th, this session is limited to 30 attendees and you can book your place here.

Last places for Exploring the Human Head!

EXPLORING THE HUMAN HEAD is a 3 day intensive workshop where you’ll develop your understanding and confidence, and learn strategies in working with the human head and portraiture.  You will explore the fundamentals necessary to understand the structure of the head so that you can work with more confidence from both life and photographs.

It’s on from 26-28 June, to book one of the last 3 places CLICK HERE.

How to mix paint colours

Having trouble mixing the colours you want?  Come along to our CONFIDENCE IN COLOURMIXING workshop and walk out confident you can create the colours you’re after!

It’s on Sunday 27th May, places are limited, for all the details and to book CLICK HERE.

Life Drawing sessions this week

Pictured: Selwyn working on his fantastic large scale ink drawings!

We have another 2 sessions of CASUAL LIFE DRAWING this week! Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm and Saturday 10am-12pm, places are limited, for all the details and to book CLICK HERE.

Still Life workshop with Yvette!

Coming up! A new workshop with Yvette Coppersmith – APPROACHES IN STILL LIFE.

In this 2 part workshop you will learn techniques in sketching and painting from still life. You will work both tonally and in colour to explore still life in a new and exciting way with exercises in perception, negative space and spacial relationships.

For all the details and to book CLICK HERE.

Open Studio sessions in Term 2

Registrations are now open for Term 2 OPEN STUDIO sessions!
The Open Studio class gives you the opportunity to use The Art Room as YOUR studio! You will work independently but with guidance, support and advice and mentoring from tutor Erika Gofton. With lots of space and light you will have your own full size table and easel and use of other equipment available if needed.
You can choose from 3 session times – 9:30am-12pm / 12:30-3pm / 6-9pm. Term 2 begins Tuesday 17th April, places are limited, for all the details and to book go CLICK HERE!

Term 2 – Foundation Drawing

Our FOUNDATION DRAWING course returns in Term 2 but please note that the night session has booked out and there’s only a couple of places left for the morning session.

It begins Monday 16th of April and runs for 7 weeks.  The course accommodates for complete beginners through to more experienced artist wishing to revisit the fundamentals of drawing.  Students will work with practical exercises so that they develop their understanding and skills in a logical and achievable way.

For all the details and to book CLICK HERE.

Exploring the Human Head – Summer Intensive

EXPLORING THE HUMAN HEAD returns in our Summer workshop series!

In this 3 day intensive workshop students will develop their understanding and confidence and learn strategies in working with the human head/portraiture.

It’s on 30 & 31 January, 1 February 10am-3pm.  For all the details and to book CLICK HERE.