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A Complete Guide To Mediums & Varnishes

A Complete Guide To Mediums & Varnishes quickly booked out and we’ve now added extra seats!

It’s on Saturday 18th November from 1-3pm and we’ll cover everything you wanted to know about using mediums to help your painting!  The demonstration will cover the following subjects:
. Indirect vs direct painting techniques.
. Demystifying ‘fat over lean’ rules
. Using mediums for contemporary techniques.
. Materials for a safer studio environment
. Why and how to varnish your painting.
Book one of the final seats HERE.

A complete guide to mediums & varnishes

Places are filling fast for our next WHAT I WISH I LEARNED AT ART SCHOOL workshop – A Complete Guide to Mediums & Varnishes with David Coles!  It’s on Saturday 18th November 1-3pm, for all the details and to book your seat CLICK HERE!

David’s portrait © Andrew Richey

Medium workshops with David Coles

Langridge, Homemade Oil Colour, photo of blue paint.

The last two workshops in the WHAT I WISH I LEARNED IN ART SCHOOL series for the year are being hosted by David Coles, the founder of St. Luke Artist Colourmen and Langridge Artist Colours!

We’re really excited to have David hosting:
Saturday 18th November – A Complete Guide to Mediums and Varnishes
Saturday 9th December – Modern Colour Mixing

For all the details and to book please CLICK HERE!



Congratulations to our wonderful sponsor LANGRIDGE ARTIST COLOURS on their new website and upcoming exhibition CHROMATOPIA – a history of colour.

Welcome to Chromatopia, an exhibition on the history of colour.
Spanning thousands of of years, travel through the story of pigments and their incredible journeys from across the globe.
Tales of dragons & beetles, alchemy & poisons, slaves & pirates, from the ancient world to the present come alive in this exhibition on colour’s creation.
This voyage of discovery features pigments made from deadly metals, poisonous minerals, bodily waste, crushed insects and predatory sea snails. Colours dug simply from the ground beneath us, others so expensive that only kings and popes could afford them.
Within the exhibition, see the living process of historical colour manufacture in action.
Also featured is the new world of strange modern colours that only reveal themselves when touched, are invisible in sunlight or shine in the dark.
Opening 6:30pm on the 31st of May and on display from the 1st to the 18th of June 2017.