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TAR Care Package

$35.00 incl GST

5.0 (2 reviews)

The TAR Care Package has everything you need for drawing at home. Purchase a pack for yourself, or for a loved one and we’ll send it directly to them with a note from you!

The Care Package contains:
– 10 drawing exercises
– 10 sheets of A4 cartridge paper
– 2H, HB, 3B and 6B pencils
– Eraser and sharpener
– Paper stump
– ‘You are happier when you are making’ sticker by Jes Hoskin
All together in a TAR Tote!

*If you are purchasing for multiple friends please put through each order separately so postage is added

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2 reviews for TAR Care Package

  1. Neville

    Great iniative! Chance for others to get enjoyment from the Art Room in other spaces.

  2. Anna Taylor

    Thank you for enabling me to send this “letter” to my grandsons. Drawing constantly so this will be great for them! 😁😁

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