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Parallel Projects is a dedicated and unique platform that values artistic exploration, quality, and commitment to art practice.

It is a space that combines the creative freedom of an artist-run initiative with the professionalism and quality of a small institution or commercial gallery.  It provides a nurturing environment where artists can fearlessly explore new ideas and take risks in their practice with an engaged audience.

We are actively inviting applications from artists and curators in the mid-career to established stages of their artistic practice for our 2024 program.  Whether it’s a solo exhibition, a joint effort, or a curated exhibition, all formats are welcome.

Running independently, but parallel to The Art Room, exhibitors will benefit from the steady foot traffic brought to the school.

About the space

Our versatile space boasts a large movable wall that enhances the possibilities for dynamic installations or perhaps 2 exhibitions simultaneously.  We provide comprehensive support for artists to realise their projects, and our commitment extends to offering installation assistance.

Our scope is broad, encompassing various artistic media such as, but not restricted to, 2D art, performance pieces, video art, installations, and sculptures.  We’re also receptive to sound-based works, with the details subject to a discussion with our gallery team.

Exhibitions run for five weeks, with the install the week prior to opening.

Opening events are on the first Saturday of the show, 1 – 3pm.

Parallel Projects opening hours in 2024 will include: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday 10am – 3pm, and Saturday 10am – 4pm

Parallel Projects floor plan

Parallel Projects diagrams

Equipment available

TAR has 2x square and 2x rectangular plinths available for displays. Standard installation tools and supplies are available including drills, screws, nails, a level and measuring tapes. Any specialist equipment is the responsibility of the artist.

Track lighting is available in the space, however lighting will be done by a TAR staff member, with input from the exhibitor. 


After laying out your pieces a professional will install your work: Entire space – 4 hours maximum / Half space – 3 hours.  Basic installation equipment is provided (drills, screws, ladders, wall filler, paint). The artist must bring additional or specific equipment if supplies outside of these are required.

If you require extra time with the installer it is an additional $50 per hour.

Cost: $1,750 / Half space $950 

This fee includes:
Hire of Parallel Projects for 5 weeks
Professional installation
Opening reception
Staffing of the gallery including administration & marketing
E-invite design
Exhibition signage


Images of Parallel Projects

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