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We are so excited and very honoured to announce this fantastic workshop with another wonderful Melbourne Artist, Michael Peck.

A very unique, challenging and inspiring workshop using a large-scale installation as subject matter. This painting workshop will explore the spatial relationships between objects and how they can be arranged and translated to create dynamic, engaging compositions. Students will learn among other things to use tonal gradation, edge control and light to create atmospheric perspective and the illusion of depth within their paintings. A fantastic workshop to really get you thinking more about your visual language and the way that you communicate with that language as artists.

Michael Peck is a multi award winning artist that creates paintings that captivate with their intensity as much as their ambiguity. Selected in two of the country’s most prestigious prizes the Archibald twice and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize where he was awarded Highly Commended. Peck has been teaching and showing solo and in groups almost continuously since he graduated with an Honours degree in Fine Art from Monash University in 2000 and with a graduate teaching diploma from the University of Melbourne in 2000. Alongside of his very successful studio practice Michael is a passionate and challenging teacher and has a decade of teaching at secondary level, first in England and seven years as a VCE art and design teacher in Melbourne. Michael is now visual arts program leader at The Australian School of Art and Design. See more of his experience and achievements here

Tutor Michael Peck
Two day workshop:
next workshop date TBA


A short video for Michael Peck’s exhibition “Love and Fear” produced by Michael Danischewski for Metro Gallery

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