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Student Induction

To book time in the studio outside of a formal class, a student must have completed this induction and have experience with any equipment they are planning to use.

Studio Access is only available if you are:
1. A currently enrolled student
2. You are a current TAR Member (Full, not digital)

*Unsupervised access to printmaking and ceramic studios is only available to students who have satisfactorily demonstrated the required level of competence using the equipment as determined by the teaching staff
*Printmaking access does not allow for the use of any acid etching unsupervised

Induction & Booking

Induction Form(Required)

1. Click here 
2. Select Access type, General or Ceramics/Printmaking
3. Click on the date you wish to book

*Available session times are in bold

*Induction is completed in studio at the beginning of your first access session

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