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conduit is an exhibition space in The Art Room, Footscray. Suitable for emerging artists and our students to display works, and learn hands on about the process of installing and exhibiting. We seek to show bodies of work from local artists and those further afield.

conduit is an ideal first exhibition space for group, joint or solo shows, or local/community projects.

About the space

Our hallway exhibiting space consists of two opposite walls that face one other.

Please note, the walls are situated in a thoroughfare that has foot traffic. This gallery best suits 2D works or smaller 3D works that can sit on a shelf or plinth against the wall. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate works that involve the floor or sound/video works.

conduit floor plan

conduit diagram

Exhibitions run for five weeks, with the install the week prior to opening.

Opening events will coincide with Parallel Projects on the first Saturday of the show, 1 – 3pm.

conduit is open: 10am – 3pm Monday – Wednesday, Friday – Saturday

Equipment available

TAR has 2x square and 2x rectangular plinths available for displays. Standard installation tools and supplies are available including drills, screws, nails, a level and measuring tapes. Any specialist equipment is the responsibility of the artist.

Track lighting is available in the space, however lighting will be done by a TAR staff member, with input from the exhibitor.


Artists are required to install their exhibitions. Some assistance can be sought from TAR staff. Basic installation equipment is provided (drills, screws, ladders, wall filler, paint). The artist must bring additional or specific equipment if supplies outside of these are required.

If you would like someone to hang the work for you we can arrange for an installer to come in, it is an extra cost of $50 per hour.

Cost: 2025/6 TBA

This fee includes:
Hire of conduit for 5 weeks
Opening reception
Staffing of the gallery including administration & marketing
E-invite design
Exhibition signage


Images of conduit

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