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What I Wish I Learned At Art School

What I Wish I Learned At Art School

Saturday 19th March

Hours: 1 – 2pm AEDT
Location: Online
Price: $20

Our WHAT I WISH I LEARNED AT ART SCHOOL workshop series draws on the talents and expertise of various professionals.

This workshop will continue the generative writing process we began last year, using prompts and images to trigger brief bursts of writing as a way to access one’s deeper motivations and ideas.  During each session we will look at text from two philosophers/theorists, in order to contextualise our own practices in relation to wider debates and tap into the collective consciousness.  Each session stands alone and it is not a prerequisite to have done previous writing workshops.

You can write in any language and in any way – perceived skill at writing is not required for this workshop to be productive for your practice. However for those needing to write about practice for professional purposes, this workshop may also generate raw material to work with.

Sarah Tomasetti is a practising artist and PhD researcher with a keen interest in the relationship between writing and practice.

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