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Our WHAT I WISH I LEARNED AT ART SCHOOL workshop series draws on the talents and expertise of various professionals.  Our next session is:

This workshop looks at the planning-to-installation stages for your exhibition.  Guiding you through tips, tricks and practical tools, we will cover many common queries experienced by artists when installing their work, and cover important factors that can take your installation from standard to exceptional.

This session is being hosted by Charlotte Watson an artist, and the curator and gallery manager for Tinning Street Presents.

Saturday 29th June
Designing Your Exhibition with Charlotte Watson
1 – 3pm
Afternoon tea included

Saturday 13th July – Exhibition Proposals with Melinda Martin, Director of Linden New Art

Date TBC – Collaborating Successfully with Louise Blyton and Cat Poljski
Collaborating is not an easy task for some artists who find it difficult to separate themselves from their own work.  Working with others is almost always harder than working alone.

After ten years of trying to collaborate together Louise Blyton and Cat Poljski have finally worked out how to do it successfully!  They’ve learned that the exchange of ideas and the experimental process are key components in collaboration.  And that no matter what the circumstances, collaborations can unlock untold creative riches.  As one engages with the other’s imagination, the process unfolds.

In this workshop Louise and Cat will be sharing what they have learned from their previous unsuccessful collaboration attempts and how they worked together to exhibit their collaborative pieces this year.

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