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What I Wish I Learned At Art School

What I Wish I Learned At Art School

Saturday 22nd June

Hours: 1 - 2pm
Location: Studio
Price: FREE

Our WHAT I WISH I LEARNED AT ART SCHOOL workshop series draws on the talents and expertise of various professionals. Our next sessions are:

The Countess Report with Elvis Richardson
Join us for an engaging discussion with artist Elvis Richardson, exploring insights from her collaborative project The Countess Report.

Their recent publication COUNTESS: Spoiling Illusions Since 2008 offers a compelling narrative about the experiences of women artists, writers, and academics navigating the Australian visual arts sector.  Gain a deeper understanding of the history and impact of this data collection and analysis project, plus explore and discuss the challenges and triumphs within our art community.


These sessions are suitable for:
All levels!
How can I watch previous Professional Development sessions?
You can subscribe to the TAR Membership to access 70+ videos including: Writing Exhibition Proposals, Tax Tips for Artists, Oil Painting Mediums, Introduction to Contemporary Art, Stretching a Canvas, Designing Your Exhibition, Acrylics Q&A, Learning from Practice, The Nuts & Bolts of Being an Artist, Legal Q&A, Grant Writing, Varnishing Techniques, Starting Your Creative Business, Q&A with David Coles, Time Management, Writing an Artist Statement, Colour with David Coles.
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