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The Art Room is more than just art classes, we provide an all round experience empowering you in your practice. We provide the resources and support needed for you to become the best artist you can be!

The Art Room is an independent art school and is both an alternative and support to current art education institutions. We support students from beginners to advanced offering unique opportunities to learn from teachers that are well respected, generous and experienced professional artists.

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At The Art Room you’ll develop skills and experience which will last a lifetime, not just the length of the course you enroll in. We want you to attain knowledge and skills enabling you to be brave and encouraging creative risk taking. We’re all about facilitating a generous and supportive arts community in the studio that exists and extends beyond The Art Room.

The Art Room offers unique classes and workshops enabling you to design your own individual program focusing on one or more of these five categories:
1. Skill and technical development – The ‘how to’ classes teaching you methods and techniques giving you the confidence to make work that is uniquely yours.
2. Masterclasses – For more experienced artists looking to challenge and push their practice, and step outside their comfort zone.
3. Professional development – Career focused sessions about the business of being an artist.
4. Community – Nurturing a supportive community that is based on generosity, encouragement and openness so that these connections will positively impact your artistic career for the future.
5. Making a Difference – Creating meaningful opportunities to give back to the greater arts community and our local Western Suburbs through fundraising activities.

The Art Room is YOUR studio! Set in a beautiful light filled space with lots of artwork, objects and an extensive art library. Have a look around the website, see all the fantastic things The Art Room has to offer, and join our mailing list to be informed of our exciting new classes and workshops.

We hope to see you at the studio soon!

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