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PORTFOLIO PREPARATION is a new 8 week course designed for students wishing to gain entry into either VCASS or a tertiary art institution.  You’ll be working predominately with drawing with a focus on developing skills, experimentation, and idea cultivation.  Participants will be encouraged to develop the habits and practices that contribute to building a career and life as an artist.

With experienced knowledge of portfolio presentation requirements, both Hannah Bertram and Nic Plowman will share the essential components necessary to develop your portfolio and feel confident going into the interview.  Hannah has sat on a number of selection panels for tertiary institutions and will prepare you for what will be needed in your portfolio and interviews.  You will learn strategies and develop your visual diary to help you in finding your voice, a strength required when discussing your work in an interview plus it deepens your engagement to art in general.  Nic will work with you to create artworks through exercises that are designed to develop your skills and technical aptitude, whilst supporting and challenging you to make work that shows your capacity to experiment and have an open mind while learning.

Week 1 with Hannah Bertram
– Expectations of BFA and how they differ from VCE
– How to write an exceptional artist statement and exhibition review
– Photographing and selecting images for folio
– What you may be asked in your interview and why
– Managing nerves, ways to talk about yourself and your work, and mock interviews
– What to ask and look for on Open days

Week 2 with Hannah Bertram
– Different requirements for BFA and VCE
– Idea generation, curiosity and experimentation
– Expressing your unique perspective
– How to convey sophisticated opinions
– Exhibitions, artists and artworks – where to go, what to look at, how to record it
– How to show that you have undertaken independent work outside of VCE

Weeks 3 – 8 with Nic Plowman
– Practical art making exercises and experimentation
– Personal mentoring with Nic

Portfolio Preparation
8 weeks

18th & 25th July 6 – 8pm
Tutor: Hannah Bertram
1st August – 12th September 4:15 – 6:15pm
Tutor: Nic Plowman
*No class 8th August



Students preparing to apply to VCASS or a tertiary art institution

– Your current portfolio and works in progress
– A5 or A5 plain sketchbook

General art materials

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