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Photoshop for Painters

Photoshop for Painters

Saturday 5th October

Hours: 10am - 4pm
Level: Beginners - experienced
Price: $216 TAR Member / $240 Non Member

PHOTOSHOP FOR PAINTERS is a new one day workshop tailored to painters.

Discover how fundamental Photoshop techniques can empower you to craft new realities by digitally collaging elements from different photographic sources. Jen will demonstrate and guide you through how to use Photoshop, and in the process you will learn:

  1. Layers, and the basic structure of Photoshop’s Interface
  2. The Posterising technique, a filter that will reveal the nuanced palettes contained within your references, enabling you to capture the subtleties of colour with precision
  3. The Lasso Tool: learn to collage elements seamlessly from one photo into another
  4. How to resize elements from one image so that they fit logically into another image
  5. Opacity and the Eraser Tool to seamlessly blend collaged elements
  6. In concert with your colour-theory knowledge, you’ll be able to adjust the colour properties (such as hue, value, saturation and contrast) of inserted elements to ensure cohesion

Photoshop provides a way for painters to test ideas with minimal effort before committing them to canvas, it’s an unparalleled tool that can grant you greater agency over your painting compositions.


Photoshop for Painters is suitable for: +

All levels welcome. While a working understanding of Colour Theory is highly recommended, no prior experience with Photoshop is necessary.

Materials +

Please bring your own laptop equipped with either an active Photoshop subscription or the free browser-based alternative "Photopea." Unfortunately, iPads are not suitable for this workshop due to software limitations. If you require assistance or access to a laptop, please don't hesitate to contact us; where possible, arrangements can be made through TAR.
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