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Intuitive Handbuilding

Intuitive Handbuilding

Begins Friday 19th April

Duration: 8 weeks

Kate Butler

Hours: 10am - 12:30pm
Location: Studio
Price: $648 TAR Member / $720 Non Member

Suitable for intermediate to advanced

This class presents intuitive methods of ceramic hand-building, encouraging creative discovery and development of personal work.

The beginning of the course will involve short projects, with Kate guiding you through exercises in abstraction and observation to tap into your creative subconscious.  The later weeks will allow you time to work on a single sculpture or functional object inspired by the methods discussed.

Each week you will be introduced to creative applications of pinching, coiling, slab-building and carving.  These weekly exercises and prompts will be supplemented by short lectures on ceramic art, with topics including; abstract expressionist ceramics, space and scale, organic form, the body and the vessel and expressive applications of slip and glaze.  The course will also touch on big-picture artistic principles as well as methods of creative ideation, including the use of drawings and paper templates.

Intuitive Handbuilding is designed for intermediate ceramicists interested in developing original works of art or design in clay.  Students need to have taken at minimum one ceramics class before enrolling.  This class also prepares students for further study in The Art Room’s Expanded Practice program launching in 2025.


Intuitive Handbuilding is suitable for:
Intermediate to experienced (have completed at least one ceramics class previously)
Please bring: Your tools, apron, towel, and wear closed toe shoes
We provide: Clay, glazes, kiln firing up to 2.5kg
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