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INTRODUCTION TO MODERN ART is a new summer series of talks hosted by Hannah Bertram!

Over 3 sessions Hannah will discuss a range of artworks in order to walk you through significant changes in art that occurred during Modernism.  Traditional art subjects, mediums, methods and ideas, such as portrait and landscape painting, and sculpture will provide the starting point for discussing the tiny, spectacular and inspiration ways in which Modern artists changed the definitions of art.

These talks will be introductions that will help you join the dots between progressive changes, and delivered in an accessible and inclusive manner for anyone who struggles with, admires/despises or is curious about Modern Art.

Each talk will be 50 minutes and afterwards we will break for wine and cheese and arty community chitchat.  This will be followed by a facilitated discussion during which you can ask any questions, and share your opinions, struggles and inspirations with the group.

Have you ever looked at an Abstract painting and thought ‘My kid could do that’?  Or maybe you’ve thought ‘I know this is art but I don’t get it’!  In this talk Hannah will open up why and how the ability to accurately paint the world around us in a realistic manner was exchanged for painting squares.  Artworks will be explained to show: the extraordinary radical ways that creative thinking evolved; how it was influenced by the times in which they were made, and in turn redefined what art is.

As children our earliest drawings are stick figures of people, if you’ve been lucky enough to be nurtured creatively you may have learned how to create a true likeness of a person that you know.  This might seems like a long way from becoming a Performance artist!  In this talk Hannah will explain the change from depicting humans as the subject matter of an artwork to becoming the physical material, which an artwork can be made of.  We will also define the difference between Performance art and the Performing arts, such as dance and theater.

Have you ever been to an exhibition and found yourself confronted by paintings tied up with string, the smell of coffee, a horror movie soundtrack playing in the background and some plants surrounded by an unmade bed, and legged it out of there?  Maybe you’ve even heard of artworks that you have to visit in someone’s home or in a factory, or desert on the other side of the world, and wondered why it’s not in a gallery.  Installation art can be baffling!  This talk will step you through the amazing ways sculpture (a 3 dimensional artwork that we move around) evolved into Installation art (a work that we enter).

From Realism to Abstraction – 4th October
From Portraiture to Performance Art – 8th November
From Sculpture to Installation Art – 6th December

7 – 9pm
Tutor: Hannah Bertram
Included: Refreshments, coffee machine, beer and wine

*Receive 10% discount when you book all 3 sessions!
Simply email us and we’ll send you an invoice

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