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Grisaille to Glazing

Grisaille to Glazing

Returns in Term 4

Duration: 6 weeks
Hours: 12 – 2:30pm / 7 – 9:30pm
Location: Studio

GRISAILLE TO GLAZING is a 6 week course with artist Jennifer Whitten!

Glazing is one of those painting terms that is as familiar as it is mysterious to those who are new to the craft of painting—and as such, it has become a mythic and unnecessary source of intimidation for many.

Glazing simply means to use medium to build a painting by way of layers (also known as indirect painting), as opposed to painting alla prima (also known as direct painting), which is done “all in one go”.  In this course you will develop a glazed painting from the ground up, guided by the strategies we have on offer.

*It’s strongly recommended that you have prior experience with colour theory and painting tonally before taking this course

Artists that have completed Foundation Painting or have experience painting tonally

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