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Exploring Waterbased Media

Exploring Waterbased Media

Saturday 11th May


Vin Ryan

Hours: 10am - 3pm
Location: Studio
Price: $162 TAR Member / $180 Non Member

Suitable for all levels

EXPLORING WATERBASED MEDIA is a new one day workshop with artist Vin Ryan!

Watercolour, gouache and acrylic are all water based media but each has their own subtle strengths and weaknesses.  Vin has spent the last 25 years working with these mediums, experimenting and figuring out what these strengths and weaknesses are.

In this class Vin will help you to get the most out of these media and expand your skills in water based media through practical demonstrations and presentation of contemporary examples.


Exploring Waterbased Media is suitable for:
All levels welcome!
Please bring: Any brushes, gouaches, watercolours or acrylics you already have at home / Watercolour wheel (12 colours) / Apron - optional
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