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Expanded Practice – Ceramics

Expanded Practice – Ceramics

Term 2 2024

Duration: 10 weeks

Kate Jones

Hours: 9:30am - 3pm
Location: Studio

Expanded Practice – Ceramics is by application only, please contact us for an application form

EXPANDED PRACTICE – CERAMICS cultivates a versatile, self-directed artistic approach within the realm of ceramics.

This program combines research-oriented exploration with studio-based creation, and builds the development of skills, curiosity, and a strong emphasis on connectivity over isolated creation.  The approach is personalised, centering on the individual’s work as a cohesive and integrated whole.  Students are encouraged to be self-reflective, disciplined, and self-critical, thereby eliminating the reliance on external assessment criteria as they take on the role of their own assessors.

Guided by professional artists and a supportive community, students actively participate in critiques and tasks designed to inspire and challenge them, fostering a sense of continuous progress and growth in their artistic path.  While participation in the Expanded Practice – Ceramics program is available on a term-by-term basis, the curriculum is thoughtfully designed to unfold over a year-long arc, providing a comprehensive and evolving learning experience.

To enrich and support students’ artistic goals, Expanded Practice – Ceramics includes a full TAR membership, offering students access to valuable resources such as the library and online video content.  With ongoing mentorship throughout the year, students will successfully achieve the objective of staging an exhibition at the end of the year.


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