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Drawing Deeper

Drawing Deeper

Begins Tuesday 16th April

Duration: 8 weeks

Juan Ford

Hours: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Location: Studio
Price: $648 TAR Member / $720 Non Member

Continue building foundational drawing skills

Suitable for intermediate experience

DRAWING DEEPER is an advanced level in our progressive drawing series, designed for students who have completed Drawing 1 and Drawing 2.

This course is dedicated to deepening observational skill development alongside engaging with contemporary drawing practice, and builds upon the foundational skills learned in Drawing 1 and 2.

Through a series of thoughtful exercises, you will engage in nuanced examinations of the world around you, honing your ability to perceive and interpret visual information. These exercises are carefully designed to challenge you to observe and understand spatial relationships, and the subtleties, of perceptual exploration, and also cultivate a heightened sensitivity to form, light, and composition.

The class encourages an environment where you’ll not only refine your skills but also understand the profound relationship between these skills and the creation of compelling and engaging art.


Drawing Deeper is suitable:
Students that have completed Drawing 1 & Drawing 2
All materials are supplied, with quality paper available to purchase for your final project.
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