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Ceramic Palette

Ceramic Palette

2024 dates TBA

Duration: 3 weeks

Kate Jones

Hours: 10am - 1pm
Location: Studio

Suitable for beginners to experienced


In this 3 week workshop you will gain valuable knowledge and insight about establishing the foundational materials for your ceramic studio.  Together, we will employ practical methods to begin creating a library of surface exploration techniques.

Through hands-on tasks like making slips, glazes, and test tiles, and through discussion about considerations in the selection and use of materials, your understanding of the possibilities for creative development will be enriched.

This workshop caters to both beginners and experienced ceramic enthusiasts.  Whether setting up your own studio or expanding your knowledge of materials and surface development, our program will enrich your understanding and expand your artistic capabilities.  It’s especially beneficial for those aspiring to participate in The Art Room’s new OPEN STUDIO CLAY program in 2024.

Photography credit: Annika Kafcaloudi


Ceramic Palette is suitable for
Beginners to experienced
What dates are the workshop?
3 Saturday's: 19/11, 26/11, 3/12
All materials are supplied
If you book by deposit the balance will be processed 13th November
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