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Welcome to The Art Room’s CASUAL LIFE DRAWING – ONLINE.

We pride ourselves on running a highly professional studio in real life with a warm and inviting community of artists, where beginners to experienced work alongside each other in a respectful and non-judgemental environment.  We work with the best professional models in Melbourne and feel strongly that it is a true collaboration and a beautiful exchange that we are very privileged to be part of.

Life drawing is an incredibly empowering, beautiful and special thing to be part of and it’s really about connection, vulnerability (from both drawer and model) and empathy.  A life class is a unique environment and demands a high standard of behaviour and respect, so just as we expect this in our physical studio, we also demand this in our online community.

These online sessions are held on zoom and follow the same structure as our in studio classes, with a variety of short and long poses.  If you haven’t used zoom before please download the software and create a free account prior to the class.

Please tag us on instagram and twitter with #theartroomlifedrawing so we can see your wonderful drawings and share them with our online community!

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Monday 30 November
6:30 – 8:30pm AEDT

Saturday 5, 12 December
3:30 – 5:30pm AEDT


*The call link is sent 15 minutes prior to the session

The following are our expectations of behaviour and by enrolling in these sessions you are agreeing to abide by them:

– Keep your camera on for the duration of the session or you will be blocked from participating
– Keep yourself on mute while drawing
– You’re welcome to unmute, have a chat and share your drawings with us in the break at the middle of the class, and when the drawing session concludes
– We recommend viewing the images on a desktop computer or TV in full screen
– No drawer will behave in a way that is denigrating, or disrespectful
* Do not share the call link as these sessions have a set maximum of attendees

– We want our models to feel safe, respected and treated as the professionals that they are. They are not modelling to be objectified, to titillate or entertain
– If you are joining this group for any other reason than to draw the human body in all its beautiful complex diversity regardless of gender, age or build, then you are not welcome here
– Absolutely no photography or screenshots to be taken
– All photographs are © The Art Room and cannot be used without permission

– The call link is sent out 15 minutes prior to the session
– If the link isn’t working for you type in the Meeting ID and Passcode instead

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