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Art Seeds

Art Seeds

Friday 19th April

Hours: 10:30am - 12pm
Location: Studio
Price: Free

The studio is suitable for pre crawling babies

Places are limited to a small group

Introducing ART SEEDS: Baby and artist parent social group

The group will start as an informal gathering, offering artists the chance to maintain their engagement in artistic discussions while navigating the beautiful chaos of raising young children.

The initial meetings will be very casual with the intention to discuss potential activities, classes, or collaborations that can help parents maintain their artistic connections in the midst of fragmented and limited time. As the community grows stronger, collaborative opportunities may emerge, allowing members to actively contribute to each other’s creative paths.

The group will actively explore various activities, including the prospect of life drawing sessions, and invites members to propose ideas for collaborative projects and activities. Both Erika and Ilona want to provide artist-parents the support they longed for during their early parenting days.


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