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Advanced Painting with artist Jennifer Whitten at The Art Room, Melbourne

Where the focus of the Foundation Painting series is technical in nature, ADVANCED PAINTING has been designed to nurture the conceptual content in your work.

Join artist Jennifer Whitten for this new 7 week course designed to further develop your painting skills, concepts, and confidence.  A variety of technical exercises will be offered throughout the course, these will bolster your existing skill set, but the primary intent of Advanced Painting is the development of a project (or projects) of your own choosing and will be guided in an open studio manner.

Each week Jen will demonstrate a technical exercise with the class, which you’re welcome to complete in class or at home.  The importance of using a visual diary in your arts practice will also be discussed along with exploration of idea generation, effective visual communication and composition.

With an autonomous painting practice as the endgame, you are expected to come with a sturdy technical foundation and the motivation to explore your own creative interests as painters.  Those students who went through the Foundation Painting series prior to this course will have the opportunity to reinforce the technical knowledge they acquired in Foundation Painting 1 and 2.

Begins Wednesday 16th October
7 weeks
Tutor: Jennifer Whitten
$440 / $400 Concession


Artists that have completed Foundation Painting 2 or have an established painting practice
*This course is not for beginners, please contact us if you’re unsure this course will be suitable for you

– Your work and materials

– Easels and boards
– Tables and chairs
– Some general materials

Advanced Painting with artist Jennifer Whitten at The Art Room, Melbourne
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