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ACROSS THE LINE is a 12 hour drawing marathon – can you make the distance?

Join Nic Plowman and Erika Gofton for this special 12 hour drawing project while they work on their large scale projects, come along and create your own!

You have the option to draw for only 6 hours at a time or go the distance and draw for the full 12 hours!  We’ll be drawing from 4 models over 2 spaces, and you’re welcome to work in any medium you like – painting, drawing, sculpture (excluding toxic materials).  This won’t be a conventional life drawing session as movement and performance may be part of the model’s direction.  Come with an open mind and desire to challenge your regular practice!  Places are limited so that you can work large scale if you wish.

19th October
9am – 9pm
9am – 3pm OR 3 – 9pm

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