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Would you like to peak inside the practices of some of Melbourne’s best contemporary artists? Would you like to get an insight into their career choices, learn about the practical aspects of their work, but also have an opportunity to get their feedback, advice and answer your questions? The Artist Insight series of talks and workshops will be held throughout the year with a changing program of well respected, generous and knowledgeable contemporary artists. Participants will get an intimate insight into the artist’s creative, technical, and philosophical aspects of their practice and also have the opportunity to participate in a practical workshop, have their own work critiqued and questions answered.

The generous sharing of knowledge, feedback and experience between artist’s is incredibly valuable particularly for early career artists, but sadly once leaving art school or if working in isolation that connection is often difficult to find.  Hearing another artist’s experiences and thoughts is often a catalyst for challenging your own studio practice and opens the door to alternate approaches and possibilities.

Each artist will conduct a workshop based upon an aspect of their practice.  Drawing upon their experiences as professional artists, each will have different insights in to subjects including residencies, studio practice applying for grants, prizes, exhibitions, galleries, and how they survive while making their work

In the practical component of the workshop the artist/teacher will plan a session that engages the participants in something that they feel is important in their own practice. For example; the figure, line, space, shape. These will not be learn to draw/paint like “… “ instead the teachers will endeavor to use their own practice as a way to get the students to think and approach their own work differently. Through this exchange the participants will no doubt also learn about use of materials, little tricks of the trade, something they learnt that was valuable and so on. If you want to reinvigorate your practice or just experience and learn form another these workshops will be perfect.

The Art Room is thrilled to have Godwin Bradbeer share his knowledge and experience in the first Artist Insight workshop. Not only will you share in conversation and a practical workshop but Godwin will also generously invite all participants to visit his Yarraville studio as part of this workshop.

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